If you are like most individuals looking for something to occupy your time, chances are you haven't thought about stepping outside to appreciate what is already in front of you. However, in a special neck of the woods, resides a community that thrives off the peaceful vales of the land. A core community, that with a languid and rather nostalgic aesthetic, brings back the ideals of an ethereally simplistic time, where one is enjoying their cottagecore surroundings in a dainty and tranquil existence.
Many assume such a level of living cannot be attained, in the fast-paced world we live in today. Surprisingly though, a simple lifestyle can be accomplished, and the journey is the best part. I have recently started my journey in appreciation of the cottagecore lifestyle, as it is both the pleasing aesthetic, and metanoia that appeal to my ever-attempted endeavor to feel at peace with what is already there. Now, 3 months in, and this is my gathering of the lifestyle of core curriculum. cottagecore is a broad spectrum, that is idolised with the vision of rural and placid roots on the outskirts of city and suburban life. Grasping the reminiscent way of living with decor and activities that turn back the clock to a pleasant and simpler time. This enticing lifestyle of cozy core and warm personality, makes it hard to deny that this lifestyle is most appealing.
This trend can be applied to almost quite everything. Homemade goods? cottagecore. Vintage dress and fashion? Cottagecore. A calming stroll through the glen? Cottagecore. The popularity of this trend stems from an idealized account of “simpler times.” Although, any history book will depict the harsher realities and show how much worse it was for most in the past. Cottagecore casts aside the pessimistic realities and incorporates only the best of the “simple life,” such as crocheting, knitting, freshly baked goods, secondhand clothes and gardening.


Creating your own cottagecore space

With the rise of time on people's hands, it's no surprise some of them are turning to the cottagecore lifestyle to regain their sense of serenity and self-awareness. What could be better than spending time indoors in your happy domestic space, surrounded by things you
love? Bringing back life's simple pleasures has been for me at least, very refreshing. I embrace a sense of serendipitous leisure as I care for my little indoor plant babies. Being in an area where I can't grow the dream garden pictured in my head, I turn to simple plants that don’t require too much maintenance, and it has been very rewarding. I so enjoy seeing the slow process of my little succulents developing into vivacious little greens, and I am learning that the whole DIY is a big part of the cottagecore trend.


Before I began dedicating myself to cottagecore, I was already into trendy vintage items. So, the realization that vintage gadgets and toys fall into this trend made me very excited. I was finding ways to incorporate my love of vintage books, trinkets, and fashion into my new found love of the core community. My grandmother had a lot of lovely trinkets, sewn dolls, and decorations, and, I learned that the term “Grandma-core,” is also often used too, in sub-reference to cottagecore, and it clearly makes sense as to why. Most anything you find from your grandparent's old trunks, is almost ideal to the image that cottagcore represents. Since, her passing, I have really taken to rummaging her old trunks of vintage paraphernalia and now possess some divine items that round together my aesthetic and ensemble. If you are able to inquire with your grandma about her old secondhand finds, waste no time in efforts to get your hands on the thrifty things she has tucked away, and you can start your way into cottagecore décor in no time. In this decorative pursuit of cottagecore aesthete, maybe you find yourself with more than you really need. I personally, fell victim to wanting every interesting item I found in dear grandma’s trunks and had more than I needed. In efforts to consolidate all of my fascinating finds, I turned to vignette, which is a décor scheme that utilizes a table or shelf as a base for items you can display in a visually pleasing manner. It both amalgamates your items and creates a picturesque still of your décor.


Items such as vases, books, pictures, candles & plants work well when creating a vignette. Gather a few of the aforementioned and arrange them in a display that is decorative and tantalizing to the eye. This method of decoration allows you to put on display, things you enjoy and gives a peek into your life and personality. As I have learned, putting yourself into your perfect cottagecore vision, plays an important part in your cottagecore journey.

Timeless trends in fashion finds

Talking about fashion and clothing is a favorite topic of mine. When I put on my first pair of oxfords back in 2013, I was hooked, at least in the shoe department. However, before being the trendy fashionista I consider myself today, I often struggled. Pinterest and thrift shopping very quickly became my best friends in my journey to attain my sense of fashion and the new personality that started to emerge with it.
When a person thinks about cottagecore fashion, we often think flowy and airy. That is true, but the fashion that cottagecore really highlights, is that timeless, tranquil and simplistic virtue. The fashion statements of this trend, serves as rebound from these complex times that modern living can’t unveil. Cottagecore fashion, such a s flowy skirts, wool dresses and comfy cardigans, call back a specific nostalgia from simpler times.


Another key when it comes to captivating core fashion, is sustainability as well as a DIY attitude when it comes to piecing together your outfits. Thrifting can be a great way to reuse pieces from the past, as it also serves as a prime method for collecting clothing items not often displayed in mainstream media. Fashion trends come and go very quickly, however, the fashion trend associated to cottagecore is depicted as slow and restful. It doesn’t follow the fast fashion trends that aren’t good for sustainability. Rather than moving onto the next hot thing, when it comes to cottgecore fashion, you will find a more whimsical and romantic air. Flowy dresses, and floral patterns along with antique hats and flower crowns. Think of classic novels such as, “Little Women,” or “Anne of Green Gables.” All those stories have such vividly depicted styles, from peter pan collars to stockings as well as oxfords to straw hats.
The best part about cottage fashion is that it doesn't need to be an expensive hobby. As mentioned, prior, thrift shopping to find yourself some vintage clothes and items, can be beneficial and money-saving. Remember you are going for a classic and timeless look, taking back the slow and peaceful times. Also, keep in mind that sustainability is very helpful in the reduction of waste production. In my early days when it came to my dress, I would purchase from fast fashion, but I realized I wasn’t contributing to ethical production of the fashion pieces I wanted to obtain. Knowing that, made me consider what my values were, and I started saving more so I could purchase from places that were ethically and sustainably safe. Places like Etsy to support small businesses is where I have recently turned to in order to help create the ideal cottagecore closet that I want. But if you are worried about budget, I suggest Poshmark and Mercari. However, if you do find yourself able to purchase clothing on the pricier side of the market, then you can find wonderfully timeless pieces. Clothing items purchased from these places that are ethical and sustainable contribution to a good environment and allows you to feel peace of mind knowing your purchase is supporting a healthy workplace and gives you clothing that will last for a long time.


Now that you have some insight into the whimsical world of cottagecore, what is going through your mind? Is this trend something you want to aspire to even more? All the time, I find myself studying up on more cottagecore ideas, and social media that encompass this beautiful trend and lifestyle. My fashion, décor, and overall outlook of the world have been positively impacted as I continue my journey to simplicity and slow life. Anyone can slow down look at their surroundings, but it's up to you to really see all the beauty that we are surrounded by.

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By Leelee Sedlacek

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